The 21-Day Blitz: Unleashing the Power of the Gut-Brain Connection for Health and Fitness

The Importance of Exercise and the State of Obesity

Regular exercise is widely recognized as a crucial factor in promoting overall health and well-being. Engaging in physical activity not only improves physical fitness but also significantly impacts longevity. Despite its importance, Americans are generally inactive. As a result, obesity in the United States affects 100.1 million (41.9%) adults and 14.7 million (19.7%) children and accounts for approximately $147 billion in annual healthcare costs. Furthermore, the life expectancy of a severely obese person is reduced by an estimated 5–20 years.

The Role of the Pharmaceutical Industry and Processed Foods

Big pharma and the processed food mafia alike have a lot to do with this. Rather than doctors suggesting a healthier way of life first and resorting to medication as a last-ditch effort, drugs are usually prescribed right away, and they often maintain disease rather than preventing and or curing it. Modern foods are processed with so much sugar and trans fat that they quickly overwhelm the brain, like cocaine and other drugs, creating addiction. All of this has contributed to the obesity epidemic.

The Failure of Conventional Diet and Exercise Plans & The Crucial Role of Gut Health

To add insult to injury, most diet and exercise plans don’t actually work. Within 3 months of starting a diet, about 10 percent of people will quit. Within 7 months, only about 10 percent will remain on the diet, and by 2 years, less than 5 percent will still be adhering to the diet. Exercise programs show a similar pattern.

Why is this the case? Contrary to popular belief, most habits we practice daily, good or bad, stem from the gut. How many people consider resetting their gut while starting a new health program? Close to none.

The 21-Day Blitz: A New Approach to a Healthier Lifestyle

It’s true that some people have the mental strength to will themselves to a healthier way of life, but most don’t. For this reason, we strongly recommend the 21-day blitz by Optimal Health Systems anytime you’re considering adopting a healthier lifestyle. By imprinting healthy habits onto your newly inoculated gut bacteria, you will have much more success, and it will be sustainable. And guess what? You don’t have to wait until January to start. By clicking here, you can get started with the 21-day blitz today and start your journey to a healthier lifestyle. Even for an established healthy person, “turning over the soil” of the gut here and there is a great idea.

If you’ve yo-yoed with different fad diets throughout your life and can’t seem to get the ball rolling, you won’t be sorry for giving the 21-day blitz a shot.

Learn more and get started today!


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