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Health is not merely an absence of disease or infirmity, but a dynamic state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being.

Isn’t it time your health insurance reflected that holistic perspective?

In today’s world, insurance is typically a safety net, a cushion against unexpected eventualities. But what if it could be more? What if it was a platform for empowering you to become the healthiest version of yourself, propelling you towards improvement, not just protection?

At Wu Wei Wellness, we’re offering a transformative approach to health insurance. Our mission is to ensure your health thrives, not just survives.

Consider this: 6 out of 10 Americans grapple with secondary conditions like obesity, heart disease, and diabetes, revealing the inadequacies in our current health insurance system.

Moreover, despite the U.S. investing more in healthcare as a percentage of our economy than any other country, we’re trailing behind in life expectancy and leading in suicide rates among developed nations.

This alarming paradox underlines a fundamental flaw.

We’re here to rectify that. At Wu Wei Wellness, we champion proactive, preventative healthcare, focusing on educating and empowering our members.

We’re committed to transforming you from a mere statistic to a living testament of wellness and vitality.

Our approach is unique. We see true health insurance as more than just a conventional policy. It’s a membership to a state-of-the-art gym, access to organic whole foods, and consultations with holistic healthcare practitioners that understand and cater to your unique health needs.

We believe in a shift from a reactive “sick-care” system to a proactive, health-optimizing one.

That’s why our memberships are thoughtfully designed to foster your health and well-being.

Welcome to the new paradigm in wellness.

This is not your typical health insurance, but an innovative, comprehensive approach to health and well-being.

This is Wu Wei Wellness. 

Introducing Wu Wei Wellness Membership Packages:
Elevating Your Path to Vibrant Health

Vitality Program

Thrive Program

Empower Program

Rapid Recovery Package

Personalized Care Membership


Experience the core principles of wellness with our Vitality Program. Ideal for individuals who wish to maintain their current health and indulge in occasional holistic therapies.

Package includes:

  • Monthly holistic treatment for overall health maintenance
  • Comprehensive nutritional evaluation to guide your dietary choices
  • Access to Brain Tap technology for enhanced brain performance and relaxation


Enhance your journey with a personalized wellness report for just $20/month to track your progress.


Tailored for those ready to proactively pursue optimal health, our Thrive Program doubles the frequency of holistic treatments, propelling your wellness journey.

Package includes:

  • Two holistic treatments per month
  • Nutritional evaluation
  • Brain Tap sessions
  • Quantum cold laser therapy for pain relief and tissue repair
  • Allergy elimination session to support your body’s tolerance


Enhance your detoxification process with an optional foot bath session for an additional $30/month.


Immerse yourself in boundless wellness with our Empower Program designed for individuals committed to prioritizing their health. Indulge in unlimited access to holistic wellness visits enabling you to prioritize your health without limits.

Package includes:

  • Rejuvenating foot baths 
  • Priority scheduling to seamlessly integrate wellness into your busy life
  • Comprehensive nutritional evaluations
  • Brain Tap sessions
  • Quantum cold laser therapy for pain relief and tissue repair
  • Allergy elimination session to support your body’s tolerance


Extend the benefits of wellness to others with a free monthly guest pass, introducing a friend or family member to Wu Wei Wellness.


When health emergencies strike, rely on our Rapid Recovery Package. This package includes eight appointments with unlimited access to our wellness services, facilitating a quick balance restoration. Designed for immediate, intensive support during health emergencies. 

Package includes:

  • Eight comprehensive appointments with unlimited wellness services for swift restoration of balance 


Enhance your recovery journey with post-emergency wellness tracking for an additional $50 to monitor your progress.

Price on Inquiry

Experience healthcare personalized like never before with our Personalized Care Membership. Enjoy the highest level of tailored care, direct access to your provider, and services adjusted to your specific needs,  providing a VIP healthcare experience.

Services are adjusted specifically to your unique health needs for maximum benefit.

Enjoy the utmost convenience with an optional home visit feature available for an additional fee.

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