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What Is Cupping?

Cupping is an ancient form of alternative medicine where a therapist puts special cups on the skin for a few minutes to create suction and bring toxins to the surface.  Like a fish tank with a broken filter, if waste cannot move and be filtered from the body, it will accumulate and cause toxicity. The same occurs inside us when a channel is blocked. Cupping will lift those toxins to the skin, at which point the superficial vessels will move it along, resulting in a wide range of health benefits. Additionally, Cupping is very safe and pairs nicely with acupuncture.


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Cupping is an effective treatment for many conditions including:

  • Respiratory Conditions: Common cold, asthma
  • Pain: Back pain, knee pain, headaches
  • Sports Rehabilitation
  • Herpes zoster
  • Acne
  • Facial paralysis
  • Cervical spondylosis
  • And more

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How Does It Work?

A cup made of glass, bamboo, earthenware, or silicone is applied to the skin. The air inside the cup cools, creating a vacuum. This vacuum causes the skin to rise and redden as blood vessels expand. The cup is generally left in place for five to 10 minutes.

At the end of the treatment, toxins, lactic acid, and other metabolic waste rise to the surface, and your body can dispose of it more readily.


There are different methods of cupping, including:

Dry: Special cups are placed on your skin for a few minutes to create suction, with no bleeding involved.

Wet: Before the cup is placed on the body, the skin is punctured, and blood is drawn out in the suction process. There is also a method where dry cupping is done, and then the skin is punctured.

Overall Benefits of Cupping

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