Meet the Team

Barbara Fusco

Chief Financial Officer

It all started 40 years ago… Barb took an entry level accounting position at a Hallmark Gift store and in the 12 years she worked there she quickly moved up the corporate ladder. With her determination, ambition, and trustworthiness the company was able to quickly open 22 stores.  Then she was blessed and gave birth to twin boys and enjoyed the next few years of motherhood. As her kids grew older she took on corporate jobs here and there but her true passion was being by the water and fishing. She wanted to share with children and families how wonderful fishing was, so she went to school and in 2005 got her United States Coast Guard Merchant Marine License. Barbara became one of the first female fishing charter boat captains and chartered for many years across the waters of the Long Island Sound. She made several appearances on TV fishing with some of the top anglers in the sport, hosted many fishing seminars, and was at the top of her game.

In semi-retirement she now resides at Wu Wei Wellness and could not be happier.  She takes care of the finances most of the time, but every now and then gets to watch Tom work his healing magic on his patients. She often marvels at the impact Tom has and is very proud of the great work he’s doing. In her spare time she enjoys cooking traditional Italian food.

Tom Fusco

Founder of Wu Wei Wellness
Licensed Acupuncturist & Herbalist

Tom graduated from Suffolk County Community College in 2016 with dual degrees in Exercise Science and Nutrition. He became an ACE Certified Personal Trainer & Registered Dietetic Technician (NDTR). While pursuing his graduate degree at New York College of Traditional Chinese Medicine he became involved in personal training and worked at several corporate fitness clubs, while also working privately offering his exercise and nutrition expertise to his clients. He amassed quite a following and trained clients ranging from high performance athletes, law enforcement, and normal people just trying to lose a few pounds. Tom has deep roots in Exercise and Nutrition and believes that it’s one of the most important aspects of anyone’s health.
In 2019 Tom graduated from NYCTCM with his B.S. M.S. in Traditional Chinese Medicine while also obtaining Summa Cum Laude and Nong’s Scholarship.  Tom took a keen interest in Chinese Herbs and began to excel in using herbal formulas and now Chinese Herbs are a big part of his practice today. He finds that it’s key to start with a traditional well established formula to match his patient’s symptoms and then modify it ever so slightly depending on the prevailing signs and symptoms. He describes using herbs a lot like cooking in that a tasty meal is often well balanced among its flavors, very similar to the properties of a good herbal formula.
After graduation and licenship Tom started working in Wading River NY, where he gained experience with functional medicine, applied kinesiology, and muscle testing to name a few. While working in the peak of the pandemic he came to realize the importance of maintaining a strong immune system and the benefits holistic medicine can offer people suffering from COVID-19 and many other diseases.
In June of 2022 Tom opened Wu Wei Wellness in Port Jefferson Station and according to the Port Jeff Chamber of Commerce it was one of the most well attended Ribbon Cutting Ceremonies they’ve ever hosted. The ceremony was filled with joy, excitement, and good food of course! Now Tom practices almost everyday and enjoys helping others achieve a healthier way of life. In August of 2022 Tom married Jennifer at the Waterview in Port Jefferson and are still happily married today. In his off time he enjoys fishing, being in nature, and reading about Chinese herbs.