Introduction to FAQ

Welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions section at Wu Wei Wellness! Our mission is to provide you with the highest quality acupuncture and holistic medicine services to support your journey toward optimal health and well-being. We understand that you may have questions about the treatments and the process, which is why we’ve created this helpful resource.

At Wu Wei Wellness, our approach is unique in that we focus on creating a personalized treatment plan for each patient based on a comprehensive, holistic evaluation. Unlike the common misconception that you can simply “order” a specific treatment, our practitioners will first assess your individual needs and then recommend the best combination of therapies to address your concerns. We know that the wealth of information available today can sometimes lead to self-diagnosing and requesting specific treatments, but we encourage you to trust our experienced team to guide you on the most effective path to healing.

Our dedicated practitioners at Wu Wei Wellness always have your best interests in mind, and they’re here to listen to your thoughts and preferences while drawing from their extensive knowledge and expertise. By trusting the process and following our recommendations, you’ll be well on your way to achieving lasting results and improved well-being.

Please feel free to explore this FAQ section, where we hope to address any concerns or inquiries you may have about our services and the Wu Wei Wellness experience. We look forward to helping you on your holistic health journey!

General FAQ

The consultation starts with a simple conversation discussing the challenges at hand and overall lifestyle of the patient.  Afterwards depending on the prevailing symptoms the practitioner will develop a treatment plan based upon his/her holistic evaluation taking things into consideration like allergies, toxicity, chakras, cranial-sacral balance and vitamin & mineral deficiencies to name a few to develop a proper treatment plan.

Holistic medicine is very different from today’s contemporary medicine. It takes a comprehensive whole body approach and is very different from the popular western mantra “swallow this cholesterol medication and all your problems will be solved, while continuing to eat processed foods with little to no dietary counseling from the provider.”

Holistic medicine takes many factors into consideration and often involves using supplements or herbs to account for some of the deficiencies poor lifestyle choices may have caused, while also encouraging therapeutic lifestyle changes to promote better health.

This takes time, dedication, and effort.

Although holistic medicine can provide quick results, it usually takes time with the understanding that the problems at hand didn’t occur overnight, therefore the resolution of them will take time. Similar to growing a plant, although we can give it optimal sunlight, soil, and water, it still takes time to grow. So if you’re looking for a quick fix without necessarily addressing the root, holistic medicine is most likely not for you.

If, however, you’re open-minded and interested in long lasting healing, then you’ve arrived at the right place.

Usually 45 minutes to an hour, but new patient evaluations can take upwards of an hour and a half.

Call the office at 631-828-4976 to speak with a team member.

For acute conditions quick resolution is to be expected, but oftentimes chronic issues can take months or even years to resolve. Our practitioners will take the time to clearly explain expected outcomes, but bear in mind that healing is a team effort and as long as patients are adhering to practitioners’ recommendations, taking their supplements or herbs, and making gradual therapeutic lifestyles overall improvement should be expected.

At Wu Wei there’s a multitude of ways we can approach any disease. Although Acupuncture is a welcomed part of almost any treatment plan, we would never needle a patient without their consent. By using whole food, organic, predigested supplements, homeopathy, quantum cold lasers, chinese herbs and detoxification methods to name a few we can often still generate therapeutic results without the use of a needle.

Yes and no. Although acupuncturists are trained in needle technique, nerves cover the body and it’s inevitable that an Acupuncturist could possibly peg one in which case a slight electrical sensation could be felt. By sharing this with your practitioner, he or she can adjust the needle so it isn’t uncomfortable – or take it out altogether. Practitioners can also opt to use very thin needles to reduce sensitivity as well.

Yes. Ask for a script to the Nutrient Rx program. Bear in mind this is a monthly subscription supplement program to improve your blood chemistry and not a static blood test. If you’re interested in a blood test separate of any nutritional recommendations we’d suggest following up with your primary care physician.

Wu Wei is an ancient taoist saying meaning action in non-action or effortless flow.

In a day and age where we could eat perfectly, weren’t stressed, slept well, and exercised regularly we probably wouldn’t need to take herbs or supplements, but that isn’t the case for most. We use natural medicinals to make up for the deficiencies our crazy lifestyle causes us, while also trying to address the lifestyle, so we only have to take as little as possible. Herbal medicines and supplements often make people feel better and expedite healing as well.

We kindly ask for a 24 hour notice to cancel an appointment. Appointments canceled within 24 hours will be charged a fee of $50. Emergencies or cases of special need are exceptions.


As a holistic wellness center, we treat many different diseases and we encourage patients to be seen while they’re not well, so we can determine what they need to recover the quickest, while also providing treatment to reduce severity of symptoms.

Insurance FAQ

We accept some insurance plans, but not all plans have acupuncture coverage.

You may contact your insurance company and ask if you have acupuncture benefits or you’re welcome to complete an intake form and enter your insurance information. Upon completion our billing company will verify your benefits. Please inform us that you’ve filled out a form and we will follow up with you within 48-72 business hours.

To fill out our intake form please click here.

With out of network coverage there’s usually a deductible that you would be responsible for making payments towards along with the subsequent coinsurance once the deductible is met. In-network fees on the other hand are posted online for you to view. Costs vary depending on the plan.

Yes. Our concierge program encompasses every facet of care that’s needed to optimize your health for a discount. Call to discuss more with a team member today 631-828-4976.

Click here to learn more.

Yes. If you need an itemized statement please request so at checkout.