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As a competitive athlete or coach, your team deserves the very best rehab so that you can perform at your best even after injuries. Most sports rehab facilities will offer ice, stim, heat, and massage. And although these can be effective rehab methods, they do not provide the highest level of results, nor are they what gets athletes back in the game the fastest.

Meditation is Key to Centering Yourself to the Earth

At Wu Wei Wellness, our unique, holistic approach to sports rehab allows our athletes to:

  • Heal faster
  • Feel better
  • Achieve peak performance

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Overall Benefits of Holistic Sports Rehab

Why Wu Wei Wellness

Wu Wei Wellness combines modern-day techniques with ancient concepts. Our Port Jefferson Station team of sports rehab specialists is trained and certified to provide the highest quality, holistic sports rehab methods, resulting in improved physical, mental, and emotional well-being for athletes.

We offer the following Sports Rehab Services:

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