Survival Guide: How to Survive Winter According to Traditional Chinese Medicine

Dress for Warmth, Not the Beach

For most of us, going outside in the winter means bundling up from head to toe with little skin exposed. After all, warmth is a notion we crave and wearing the right clothing is essential. However, if you go to your local shopping mall, you still may see people dressed in summer-inspired attire, such as t-shirts and shorts, even with the frigid temps outside. This is not a good thing!

In traditional Chinese medicine, “evil qi” is something people should avoid at all costs and we can do so with the right layers of clothing in the cold winter air. Wind, cold, and dampness persist throughout the winter season and exposing the skin to the elements may cause you to not feel as well as you should. 

If you find the winter season is causing you to feel under the weather, massage therapy sessions may help you get back to your former self by allowing you to relax and feel better overall. 

Take Note of Nature

This time of year, most of us are arriving to work when it’s dark and also driving home in the dark. With all this darkness, you may not be able to see the nature around you…unless you’re a vampire, of course!

This type of dissociation from the outside environment prevents us from comparing our lives to the cyclical flow of nature. For example, during the winter, trees shed their leaves and all the nutrients are pulled to the interior to prepare for the upcoming harsh weather that winter brings. Conceptually winter embodies sheltering, conserving, and rest versus the springtime where it’s the opposite concept. As you consider how sheltering and conserving affects your behavior, do you think it’s wise to do things like push yourself to extreme limits at the gym, work overtime every night, or even go out partying on the weeknights as well as on the weekends? The answer is a resounding no! 

If you want to reduce stress this winter or combat the doldrums of the season, yoga or meditation sessions may help.

Put That Iced Mocha Latte with Whipped Cream and Extra Caramel Drizzle Aside

You’re probably craving this delicious beverage right now, aren’t you? Although this sugar-laden treat is a tempting one, it’s not just the artificial flavors and sweeteners that make this a questionable choice, but it’s the ICE factor that should make you pause. In Chinese medicine, food is not classified as it is in western culture. In traditional Chinese medicine, there are no “good” or “bad” foods. Food is categorized by its nature, flavor, temperature, and taste. With this in mind, certain foods may be used to treat different patterns and used therapeutically to help with certain illnesses. So, as you start to feel sad thinking you can never enjoy an iced beverage in the winter…wait! You may be able to balance this cold beverage craving with warm natured spices as balance is a part of Chinese nutritional therapy.

Coffee, for example, is naturally warm and bitter in nature. However, the mountains of ice poured into it drastically changes the nature to a very cold consistency. By adding warm spices, such as cinnamon and nutmeg, the drink can become warmer in the way of balance, not heat. This balancing act is the essence of Chinese medicine and when food is consumed with no understanding of this aspect, unhealthy results may occur. The negative effects of artificial sweeteners are well known, but the combination of the sweet and cold nature is like adding fuel to a fire. This type of combination can produce phlegm and harbors cold internally, possibly resulting in low energy, abdominal cramping, fatigue and may even leave the person feeling unwell.

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