Understanding Toxins: Risks and Health Impacts Explained

Toxins are becoming a hot topic in wellness circles. But what exactly is a toxin, and why should we be concerned? Toxins are substances that produce harmful inflammation within the body. This type of “bad” inflammation can lead to oxidative stress, disrupting homeostasis and hormone balance. Common toxins include agricultural chemicals, nuclear waste, and heavy […]

How To Avoid The Fastest Rising Undiagnosed Disease

mediterranean diet

I want to raise your attention to the fastest rising least diagnosed disease… Osteoporosis! Usually, this isn’t a worry until older age, but now it’s being diagnosed younger and younger… but why? Calcium Crisis: How the American Diet Contributes to Early Osteoporosis Let’s start with diet! 97% of Americans don’t eat a balanced diet, let […]

The 21-Day Blitz: Unleashing the Power of the Gut-Brain Connection for Health and Fitness

The Importance of Exercise and the State of Obesity Regular exercise is widely recognized as a crucial factor in promoting overall health and well-being. Engaging in physical activity not only improves physical fitness but also significantly impacts longevity. Despite its importance, Americans are generally inactive. As a result, obesity in the United States affects 100.1 […]

What the Qi?

“What is Qi?” is a common question that we’re asked in the clinic. This type of exchange is similar to your child asking you why the sky is blue for the first time. Qi is often referred to as the “spark” in the machine, and it’s a concept that’s very challenging for people in Western […]