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In Neolithic times, men seldom lived past young adulthood. They were busy playing the role of hunter and were often wounded as a result and did not live long. With food, water, and shelter, abundant today men are thankfully living longer, but are they living better? Chinese Medicine can shed some light on this question.

Essence and Men’s Health

In the first chapter of Simple Questions, men’s essence flows in 8-year cycles compared to women’s essence, which flows in cycles of 7. It’s said that:

In a man, at the age of 8, the boy’s kidney energy is abundant, his hair and teeth grow. At the age of 16, his kidney energy is even more abundant; the Tian Gui arrives, and the essence is luxuriant and flowing. Yin and Yang are harmonized, and he can father a child. At the age of 24, the kidney energy peaks, tendons and bones are strong, the wisdom teeth appear, and growth is at its peak. At the age of 32, tendons and bones are at their strongest, and the muscles are full and strong. At the age of 40, the kidney is weakened, the hair begins to fall out and the teeth become loose. At the age of 48, Yang Qi is exhausted, the face becomes darker, and the hair turns grey. At the age of 56, the liver energy is weakened, the tendons cannot move, the Tian Gui is dried up, the kidney becomes weak, and the body begins to grow old. At the age of 64, hair and teeth are gone.

This description may be a dramatic portrayal of men’s essence, but it encapsulates the natural flow of a male’s life. The essence also known as Jing is inherited from your parents. A strong essence is reflected as a sparkle in a person’s eyes. They will also have great strength, extraordinary beauty, luscious hair, and a strong desire to succeed. Thor from the marvel series is a great example of strong essence.

Jing or essence is closely related to the kidney and expressed as Yuan Qi in the meridian. The kidney energy supports almost every organ. Your kidneys are unique because their essence and energy are flipped over like that of an hourglass from the day you’re born. Moreover, the kidney’s essence and energy cannot be tonified or strengthened. You can only reduce the rate at which it withers away.

Although Jing plays a role in male longevity, other components exist that impact men’s health such as the effect of exercise, sex, nutrition, sleep, and work. You will learn more as you read on.

Principal Components of Men’s Health

Exercise or any physical activity is known to influence human health. It promotes the flow of Qi and Yang. Yang is a more primal form of Qi and is as abundant in men as Yin is in women. Since Qi needs movement, being stuck or stagnated can lead to disease. Weight training, walking, yoga, or tai chi can all encourage movement and the free flow of Qi. Consequently, since Qi is moving freely, so will Yang. This effect can make men feel energized and motivated.

Another principal component of men’s health is sex. There has been an increase in advertisements for male enhancements, so logically you would think the demand is higher, but why? Sexual activity is closely associated with the kidney essence. Hence excessive frequency can drain it. Once the essence is depleted, you cannot replenish it, so reducing the rate at which it reduces can be done by moderating sexual activity. You will find a guide below illustrating healthy sex patterns according to men’s age. Nevertheless, it is only an estimate and does not need to be taken literally. Men should also account for condition and season.


Age Interval in days
20 Once every 4 days
25 Once every 5 days
30 Once every 6 days
35 Once every 7 days
40 Once every 8 days
45 Once every 9 days
50 Once every 10 days
60 Once every 12 days
70 Once every 14 days

Men who have strong essence can afford to have more sex than men who don’t. In either case, if it’s abused it will spell trouble. A weak and depleted essence in men can lead to difficulty holding an erection. This issue may be why the demand for male enhancement treatment has increased. So my question to you is, if the essence is depleted in the first place do you think it’s wise to take something to artificially stimulate an erection, ultimately draining the essence further? The answer is no. You may consult a TCM practitioner for certain herbal formulas and acupuncture points to balance the Qi and possibly bring about the same effects without compromising the kidney Qi.

The foods you eat play a considerable role in your overall health. Certain foods tonify Qi and Yang that can improve men’s health. If you notice, a lot of food resembles their benefits. A walnut, for example, can be compared to that of the male prostate gland.

We hope the portrayal above does not ruin your desire for walnuts. Nonetheless, walnut nourishes the kidney and tonifies the spleen Qi. Hence, it is an excellent addition to a male’s diet.

Sleep is a principal component of any health regimen. Without 6-8 hours of sleep, it’s hard to function optimally. Therefore, getting to bed early with full sleep is essential, but a lot of people struggle with it. With the help of wellness services such as BrainTap, it can make a difference. It calms the mind and encourages deep, restful sleep.

Lastly, work. Why couldn’t we all live on a tropical island happily forever without the need for work? For some it may be the case, but for most work is a necessary component of life. A balance should be applied to keep yourself healthy. Some situations such as overtime may ask for more energy and time resulting in quickly becoming overworked and drained, weakening the Qi and kidney essence. It would be best to give yourself time to take a break, avoiding burnout. A vacation or some personal time helps you regenerate and restore energy.

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